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Food Suppliers

Suppliers List (last updated 11.04.14):




Organic Kosher:


Organic Halal:



Huntsham Farm -are breed beef,  pork and lamb from Richard Vaughan:


Fordhall Farm – farm and community


Eversfield Farm – grass fed organic rare breed:


Brown Cow, meat and dairy


Rosewood Farm biodynamic meat:


Fieldpower Organics – grass fed beef and lamb


Traditonal breeds in Scotland


Biodynamic meat:


Sheepdrove Farm, farm and London shop:



Green Pastures Farm:

Chemical free, pastured, natural feed

Animal share scheme – can split delivery


Higher Hacknell Organic Farm – “We take responsibility for our animal welfare and meat handling from start to finish. We rear the animals ourselves, feed them on natural crops grown on the farm, and take them to a small local abattoir”


Rhug Estate:


Well Hung Meat Co.

“The animals are feed on a mix of purely organic feeds made up from organic crops such as maize, barley and wheat, along with organic haylage and silage. Soy Is not commonly used in organically certified feed how ever there’s is no grantee that there is no traces of soy. This is due to the feed mills in which our farmers buy there feeds from and the transport used to move the feeds and they may have been previously used to transport feed containing soy.”


Whitings, Real Meat Co:

Great chickens




Hazeldene (mail order soon)

“The sheep and breeding cattle are on pasture 100% of the time.  The cattle for fattening are brought in from November – April and fed silage.  The Sheep are fed 90% grass and forage with a small amount of hard feed (no soya) for new lambs and breeding ewes and the cattle only grass and forage.  The pigs are fed and high quality NON GM pig nuts which are soya based along with some fresh veg.”


Beat Bush:

“Our cattle and sheep are fed a mainly grass diet including red clover silage that we make on our farm, the sheep are at grass but we have to feed a limited amount of fodder beet to them at this time of year due to the extreme weather and lack of grass, the cattle are keep inside for about 2 months of the year depending on the weather conditions and are fed the red clover silage and beef nuts that we buy in. We will no longer be Organic from the end of the month, but we will keep our high standards of welfare and production.”




The Real Butchers:


Aubrey Allen


Providence Farm – Pammy Riggs, organic chickens, eggs, pork, beef


Great Glen Game


Samphire – ethically farmed in Norfolk, rare breed and local, shop and online


D J Barnard


One to watch:




Trealy Farm – ward-winning British charcuterie – email for product list by mail order:


Cannon & Cannon British charcuterie

Nitrite free bacon:

Trealy Farm + Devon Rose


Laverstoke – organic inc buffalo raw mozzarella but not milk

Stocks Farm (Go to Queens Park & Stoke Newington Farmers Markets)

Scottish Jerky – grass fed beef and venison jerky


Meat in Ireleand:


Raw dairy producers in UK:


What is real milk?

“some unpasteurized cheese is thermalized. I have been told that some of the French Camembert is treated with a filtration system that filters out the probiotics! “


Hurdlebrook for A2 Guernsey:


Hook & Sons


Chegworth farm shop in Notting Hill sell raw Hurdlebrrok Guernsey cream.

Franklin’s Farm Shop in Dulwich


Guernsey milk:


Raw milk available from Blackburne & Haynes Meadow Cottage Farm Churt Road, Headley Bordon Hampshire GU35 8SS. Tel: 01428 712155. Also sell ice cream and sorbets. All milk from Jersey cows


Church Farm – farm, shop, butchery, box scheme, café, pub


Raw dairy from Red23


Keith & James Jefferson Smith
Grove Dairy, Hollesley, Woodbridge, Suffolk
IP12 3JX or 07967708220/07967 708222)


Alham Wood buffalo and bovine


South View Farm


Domini Dairy
Village Farm
Market Weston
Diss Norfolk
IP22 2NZ


01359 221333

A small Jersey herd producing organic raw milk, cream and butter sold direct from the farm. Our products are sold to order so please contact Jane for more information.


Slaughter free milk




Raw butter:


Unpasteurised cheese


Johns of Jersey


Organic cheddar



Raw goat’s milk and cheese:


High Weald Dairy 
Tremains Farm 
Horsted Keynes; Haywards Heath, West Sussex 
RH17 7EA

Tel; 01825 791636    Fax; 01825 791641

We also supply unpasteurised frozen Goat milk.

Sheep milk is available as frozen 500 ml bottles, pasteurised only and Pasteurised organic cow milk.

Nothing is homoginised.

Our goats are free ranging, pasture-based, chemical-free, fed GM-free and soya-free feed. Our kefir is made with raw milk and proper kefir grains.

Goat milk, kefir (from pasteurized milk), and goat milk soap. Available on nationwide delivery.

tel 01239 654 672

Shann & Richard Jones,

Glynmelyn, Brynhoffnant,

Llandysul, Ceredigion

SA44 6DS, Wales, UK


Kefir grains:


Shops / Online:

Farm Direct for all produce (North London)


Fermented foods:

Nourish kefir

(but made from pasteurized milk)


Real Food Co, Chesire


Good for box schemes:



Organic delivery company


Abel and Cole


Normandy butter + cheese:


 Riverford box schemes:



Bee Mercy:

Raw honey

Pyrenees honey:



Biodynamic eggs:


Heritage seeds:


Coconut everything inc green coconut:




Farmers’ Retail & Markets Association


Farmers market finders:


London Farmers Market


City & Country Farmers Markets:


Real France:




Guide to buying fruit and veg


Specialising in organic culinary, aromatic, decorative and medicinial herbs


Crock pots:


Natural Food Finder: