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Category Archives: Male Fertility

Pelvic pain & Trauma

posted on 9th November 2016 by Stefan Chmelik

People with persistent pain syndromes like pelvic pain often say – “what’s trauma got to do with my pain? I’ve never been traumatised.” They say this because there’s a very common misunderstanding about trauma – that it must be a huge and terrible event – physical or sexual abuse, injury, earthquake, being in a war […]


Viva the Vagus!

posted on 22nd April 2016 by Stefan Chmelik

Vagus Nerve Stimulation   Stefan Chmelik, CEO BioSelf Technology Additional text by by Ann Freeman   Hummingbirds are a mystery. They are incredibly small, and their hearts beat incredibly fast. All zoological precedent should dictate that their lives be drastically short. However, these bright little birds defy biological science by living five times the length […]


NEW: EANS for chronic bladder problems in men and women

posted on 27th September 2014 by Stefan Chmelik

Electroacupuncture neurostimulation (EANS)           Effective for: Voiding dysfunction Overactive Bladder Syndrome Urge-frequency syndrome Urge incontinence Stress incontinence Unobstructive urinary retention Interstitial Cystitis symptoms Pelvic pain Prostate pain Erectile dysfunction following prostatectomy Research confirms that 60-80% of patients see a satisfactory improvement in their symptoms.   We utilise two related techniques: Posterior […]


Male Fertility: Could you father a child aged 96?

posted on 10th July 2013 by

An Indian pensioner named Ramjeet Raghav recently became the world’s oldest dad at 96 years of age. This makes it sound as if there were no age limit on male fertility as there is with women. But, while the effects of aging have been far less studied in men than women, there is a body of research that shows that both quality and volume of semen drops with age.


How long does it take to get pregnant?

posted on 10th July 2012 by

I’m often asked the million-dollar question: “How long will it take me to get pregnant?” Of course, for any individual woman this is impossible to answer definitely. What I can do though, is provide an estimate based on my assessment of her level of fertility. In an article published in the Lancet in 2002, Johannes Evers […]