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Viva the Vagus!

posted on 22nd April 2016 by Stefan Chmelik

Vagus Nerve Stimulation   Stefan Chmelik, CEO BioSelf Technology Additional text by by Ann Freeman   Hummingbirds are a mystery. They are incredibly small, and their hearts beat incredibly fast. All zoological precedent should dictate that their lives be drastically short. However, these bright little birds defy biological science by living five times the length […]


NEW: EANS for chronic bladder problems in men and women

posted on 27th September 2014 by Stefan Chmelik

Electroacupuncture neurostimulation (EANS)           Effective for: Voiding dysfunction Overactive Bladder Syndrome Urge-frequency syndrome Urge incontinence Stress incontinence Unobstructive urinary retention Interstitial Cystitis symptoms Pelvic pain Prostate pain Erectile dysfunction following prostatectomy Research confirms that 60-80% of patients see a satisfactory improvement in their symptoms.   We utilise two related techniques: Posterior […]


Choosing Where to Have Your Baby

posted on 29th October 2013 by Stefan Chmelik

Home or Hospital: Where Should Your Baby be Born? The idea of giving birth at home is one that many women consider. It seems to be the most natural thing in the world and yet it has become relatively uncommon in this country over the past few decades. Holistic healthcare such as that practiced by […]


Save Your Skin – chemical warning

posted on 20th July 2013 by Stefan Chmelik

The chemicals damaging your skin I thought you should know, the British Society of Cutaneous Allergy has recently issued a warning regarding chemicals found in skin care products, at a time when allergy and skin problems are at an all time high. At a special session of The British Association of Dermatologists Annual Conference in […]


How to Breathe – in the news again

posted on 15th July 2013 by Stefan Chmelik

An article in today’s London Metro highlights the work of Lanzarote based ‘Breath Guru’ Alan Dolan and Transformational Breathing. I am always happy to see that there is more and more media coverage about the vital importance of this most underrated of functions. Changing the way you breath really is one of the greatest steps […]


Male Fertility: Could you father a child aged 96?

posted on 10th July 2013 by

An Indian pensioner named Ramjeet Raghav recently became the world’s oldest dad at 96 years of age. This makes it sound as if there were no age limit on male fertility as there is with women. But, while the effects of aging have been far less studied in men than women, there is a body of research that shows that both quality and volume of semen drops with age.


The White Stuff

posted on 23rd February 2012 by Stefan Chmelik

That stuff from a carton is milk right? Perhaps in the most general sort of way, a bit like a cheese strings might be called ‘cheese’ or a fish stick ‘fish’. The white liquid referred to above bears only a passing resemblance to what our grand parents would have called ‘milk’, a nod in the direction of the secretions produced by mammary glands, before it has been mechanical and biochemically altered into something that one can, at best, describe as a ‘milk-like’ substance, to mis-quote Michael Pollan. This article intends to provide the case for why it is the industrialisation of milk rather than milk itself that is the problem for many people, and why cultural bias is the basis for much of the TCM abhorrence of dairy.


Taking stock

posted on 12th February 2012 by Stefan Chmelik

How many people do you know that keep a traditional stockpot? Do you? I am not referring so much to an actual large pot with a close fitting lid, although that is certainly helpful, but rather to the mind-set of maintaining the production and use of traditional stock and broth in your house.