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Viva the Vagus!

posted on 22nd April 2016 by Stefan Chmelik

Vagus Nerve Stimulation   Stefan Chmelik, CEO BioSelf Technology Additional text by by Ann Freeman   Hummingbirds are a mystery. They are incredibly small, and their hearts beat incredibly fast. All zoological precedent should dictate that their lives be drastically short. However, these bright little birds defy biological science by living five times the length […]


Save Your Skin – chemical warning

posted on 20th July 2013 by Stefan Chmelik

The chemicals damaging your skin I thought you should know, the British Society of Cutaneous Allergy has recently issued a warning regarding chemicals found in skin care products, at a time when allergy and skin problems are at an all time high. At a special session of The British Association of Dermatologists Annual Conference in […]


How to Breathe – in the news again

posted on 15th July 2013 by Stefan Chmelik

An article in today’s London Metro highlights the work of Lanzarote based ‘Breath Guru’ Alan Dolan and Transformational Breathing. I am always happy to see that there is more and more media coverage about the vital importance of this most underrated of functions. Changing the way you breath really is one of the greatest steps […]


Unbelievable new home visit service!

posted on 10th July 2013 by Stefan Chmelik

  The Words No Acupuncture Patient Wants to Hear… “You can get up now…” Well now you don’t have to! We are always striving to improve every aspect of our service and to offer you more, so as part of our new 2013 programme I am thrilled to introduce my colleague Mr Parmjit Sandhu who […]