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NEW: EANS for chronic bladder problems in men and women

posted on 27th September 2014 by Stefan Chmelik

Electroacupuncture neurostimulation (EANS)






Effective for:

  • Voiding dysfunction
  • Overactive Bladder Syndrome
  • Urge-frequency syndrome
  • Urge incontinence
  • Stress incontinence
  • Unobstructive urinary retention
  • Interstitial Cystitis symptoms
  • Pelvic pain
  • Prostate pain
  • Erectile dysfunction following prostatectomy

Research confirms that 60-80% of patients see a satisfactory improvement in their symptoms.


We utilise two related techniques:

Posterior Tibial Nerve Stimulation (PTNS)

According to NICE:

Current evidence on percutaneous posterior tibial nerve stimulation (PTNS) for overactive bladder (OAB) syndrome shows that it is efficacious in reducing symptoms in the short and medium term. There are no major safety concerns.


Neuromodulation of Pudendal Nerve using Electroacupuncture Pudendal Nerve Stimulation (EPNS) or Electroacupuncture neurostimulation (EANS)

EANS is a combination of acupuncture in Traditional Chinese Medicine and electrical neuromodulation in Western medicine. The protocol involves selection of four sacral points combined with specific acupuncture points on the body.


Treatment usually consists of 12 outpatient sessions lasting 30 minutes each, typically a week apart. Further sessions are generally needed for longer-term relief. 60-80% of patients see a satisfactory improvement in their symptoms.  The protocol may work, even if other treatments, such as medications, have failed.


The Practitioner

Stefan Chmelik is the UK’s leading practitioner of integrated acupuncture with 25 years experience and a special interest in helping people recover from chronic bladder and pelvic issues.


Sunday Times article about Stefan’s treatment of cystitis:

 Harley Street acupuncture

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