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Unexplained infertility – what on earth does that mean??

Unexplained infertility is a term used by doctors when the causes of infertility remain unknown after testing, including semen analysis. Of course, there are problems present, but they haven’t been detected by current medical methods. Up to 30% of all couples with fertility issues are designated as ‘unexplained’.

Some of the possible causes include immune-related causes, poor endometrial quality or receptivity, hostile cervical mucus, poor egg quality, or subtleties such as the egg not being released at the optimum time for fertilization to occur.


Explaining the unexplained

Many of the factors that contribute to unexplained fertility can actually be detected. It is just that they are rare and not routinely investigated by the NHS. We have access to a range of private medical tests are able to detect problems including immune-related issues, as well as successful methods the treat the problems.

There are other factors which medical science has not yet dreamed up methods of detecting chemically, but can be revealed by holistic diagnostic means such temperature charts.

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Our ‘unexplained fertility’ consultation

Come for an initial consultation with one of our expert team and we will conduct a very comprehensive review of you & your partner’s fertility health & history. From this we can make a diagnosis, recommend any additional tests or investigations that are not generally available through the NHS, or begin monitoring of your cycle to understand where any hidden issues may be occurring.

You will be amazed at how many couples we work with who have given up hope of conceiving naturally, but we are able to help to do so.



Vena Ramphal, London

The last energy session in particular was remarkable. You put 2 magnets on me - my left wrist and right foot (I think). You said something about the role of those points in the development of the feotus - I can’t remember exactly. All I know is that I came into that session feeling like I was at a rebirthing juncture, and that’s exactly what it felt like.