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There is always a reason for any pregnancy loss

The most difficult feeling for many women, after the physical pain of miscarriage, or the anguish of a failed IVF cycle has faded, is that of hopelessness. There oftentimes appear to be no answers to why they are not getting pregnant or carrying to term.

It is becoming more widely accepted that immune-system problems are a significant contributor to infertility. Tests are now available to determine whether this is a problem for you or your partner.


The 5 types of immune problems that affect fertility – and what to do about them

Immune-related fertility problems are broadly those where the mother or father’s immune system incorrectly identifies the foetus as a trespasser and attacks as if it were a virus, bacteria or parasite. The 5 main types of problem are:

  1. Tissue type compatibility
  2. Blood clotting problems
  3. Immunity to pregnancy
  4. Antibodies to sperm
  5. Abnormal natural killer cells (NK cells) & antibodies to hormones & neurotransmitters

Please do call us on 0856 676 9699 If you’d like to discuss how we can help you with these problems. Usually you will be able to speak directly, and for no charge, Gerard Frith, who leads our fertility team.


An integrated plan to improve your fertility

Once your immune status is better understood, we can help you with a treatment plan to improve your fertility status. You will often benefit from a combination of complementary treatments, western medical treatment, and adjustments to your lifestyle.



Martin Punaks, India

It was a breath of fresh air to meet Stefan because he took my unusual symptoms seriously and at face value. Stefan views health holistically and treats his patients as such so as to get the cause of their problems, rather than focussing predominantly on external symptoms.