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Have you experienced recurrent miscarriage?

If so, we’re truly sorry to hear that.

We know that however early a miscarriage occurs it is felt as a tragic loss. It’s sad that miscarriage is not uncommon; around 25% of all women are affected. But we think that couples are too often told to just “keep trying” and no investigations or tests are undertaken until they have miscarried at least three times, sometimes more. There is some sense in this – even after three consecutive miscarriages, a woman has a 60% chance that her next pregnancy will be successful. But many women want to find out as early as possible if there is a problem.


How we help you identify what might be wrong

The majority of early miscarriages are due to chromosomal anomalies, which are mostly beyond the control of medicine. However, it’s increasingly understood that the following problems are relatively common:

We can arrange the very latest miscarriage blood tests and scans to test you for these conditions and provide treatment to help you overcome them. Call Stefan on 0845 676 9699 to find out more.


An integrated plan to improve your fertility

Once the potential causes of your miscarriage are better understood, we can help you with a treatment plan to improve your fertility status. You will often benefit most from a combination of western medical treatment, alongside complementary treatments and lifestyle adjustments.



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