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The 5 big reasons IVF can fail

There are many reasons that IVF can fail, but the big 5 are:

If you’ve had two failed IVF cycles, there is a chance that you’re suffering with one of these problems.


A failed cycle is a devastating blow, but NOT the end of the road

IVF can be physically and emotionally draining, as well as costly. An unsuccessful outcome can be felt as a huge sense of loss and a difficult combination of negativity and hopelessness for both partners. Some women feel guilt; blame can be directed towards yourself, your partner, the medical profession and other women who have been luckier to have babies.

But there are ways in which we can help you. If no problem has been identified we can arrange the appropriate tests to identify the causes of IVF failure. If you have a diagnosis, please call us so that we can advise on your natural and medical treatment options.


Combining the best of complimentary & conventional medicine

We are an integrated practice that includes both complementary practitioners and medical doctors. We have full access to the most up-to-date medical testing, but treat most commonly using the tools of natural medicine. For many situations when all else has failed, this is what we find works best.



Harald Gaier, Dr, natural family health

“Stefan is an extra-ordinary visionary who has founded the NEW MEDICINE GROUP where, after much travail, he has successfully brought together under one umbrella a sizeable number of sterling individuals and avant-garde operators from the Natural Medicine world, which was no mean feat in the current financial climate. The fact that these outstanding people all work together as the NEW MEDICINE GROUP presents Natural Medicine in an enhanced public image and all the credit for this superb achievement must go to Stefan.”