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What’s stopping me getting pregnant?

Your body is a very complex thing, and there are, unfortunately many things that can interfere with the natural process of getting pregnant. Most of these can be resolved quite simply and effectively though – but only once a diagnosis is made.

Because Thrive is an integrated practice that combines the best of complementary practitioners and medical doctors, we not only have full access to the best & most up-to-date medical testing, but all the subtle diagnostic tools of natural medicine that are able to discriminate small imbalances that western medicine will miss.

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What’s up doc?

Whether your doctor has diagnosed a specific fertility problem, or you just think it’s taking longer to get pregnant than it should, it’s worth getting in touch and seeing how we can help you.


Some of the hurdles that we can help you overcome

We commonly treat clients who come to us with fertility problems, including:


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You may have questions that you’d like answered, or just want to be sure that we are the best team for you to work with.

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Harald Gaier, Dr, natural family health

“Stefan is an extra-ordinary visionary who has founded the NEW MEDICINE GROUP where, after much travail, he has successfully brought together under one umbrella a sizeable number of sterling individuals and avant-garde operators from the Natural Medicine world, which was no mean feat in the current financial climate. The fact that these outstanding people all work together as the NEW MEDICINE GROUP presents Natural Medicine in an enhanced public image and all the credit for this superb achievement must go to Stefan.”