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Most people would do some preparation when entering a sporting event that puts new demands on their body, but a lot of folks don’t put the same preparation into getting pregnant. But it’s a time when you want your physical health to be tip-top.

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How long does it take to get pregnant?

The better your reproductive system and general health is, the quicker you are likely to get pregnant


Make your life pregnancy-friendly

There is no one plan that is right for everyone – that’s why we create a unique plan for every one of our patients. We examine both medical and lifestyle factors, and work with you to find the best way for you to get in shape.


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Cinnamen, Shoreditch

“For years I have suffered neck pain, back pain, migraines and felt constantly tired and drained, but after a few sessions of acupuncture with Ross the migraines have finally stopped, and my day to day working life has become so much easier. I highly recommend Ross as a skilled practitioner. He has been a wonderful support also for the emotional stress that is a result of my years of pain.”