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On this page you will find information about male fertility testing – first an introduction, then lower down the page the test we offer and their costs.


What is male fertility testing?

Sperm & semen testing is an essential part of assessing male fertility problems. The single most important factor determining a man’s fertility is the production of healthy sperm. A semen analysis has historically been used to assess fertility by measuring sperm count, motility and morphology. However, other problems are often overlooked that indicate other pathologies, such as the presence of infection, immune problems, obstruction of the genital tract, or endocrine disorders.

Please note that although home semen tests are available, they only assess a very narrow set of parameters – basically whether sperm count is low. They cannot measure sperm motility or morphology, and hence will many of the causes of male infertility. A home sperm test will not confirm that your sperm is OK, and if it shows that your count is low, you will still need to have a full lab test. 

A comprehensive semen analysis will evaluate sperm count, percentage of active sperm (often called motility), sperm shape (usually called morphology) and the presence of elements other than sperm, for example blood cells or white cells which can provide evidence of damage and/or evidence of infection. It will often also evaluate liquefaction, vitality (how many sperm are alive), and pH (whether the semen is alkaline or acidic).


Who needs sperm & semen analysis ?

Any couple who are about their fertility, or have been trying for over 1 year without success should ensure that the man is tested. There are particularly situations where this is particularly important, and should be done earlier:

  • Men with a history of reproductive tract infections or STDs
  • Men concerned about exposure to environmental pollutants
  • Men exposed to workplace hazards
  • Male athletes exposed to conditions which might lower sperm counts
  • Men who regularly ride bicycles


Why bother with semen testing?

Problems with male fertility likely cause 50% of all couple infertility, and perhaps up to 65%, yet testing is often only done once all female causes have been eliminated. There is no good medical reason for this, it’s simply that fertility has traditionally been seen as a female problem. As we understand more about male fertility, this is changing.


How is male fertility testing done?

Male fertility screening is most often done by collecting a sample of fresh semen, usually on-site at our testing centre. Men should abstain from ejaculation for 2-3 days prior to the test, but no longer than 5 days.

In order to be tested, you will need a referral form from one of our practitioners. This can be arranged by phone.


Standard Semen Tests

Semen analysis, Comprehensive 175
Semen analysis, post-Vasectomy 95 
Semen analysis, Vasectomy reversal 175 
Semen Culture 40
Semen, Fructose 75 
Sperm aneuploidy (FISH) 480
Sperm antibodies (Blood test) 95 
Sperm antibodies/MAR test (Semen) 95 
Sperm DNA Fragmentation (SCSA) 375 
Sperm Morphology 75 
Chlamydia trachomatis in semen (PCR) 65 
Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) 75 
Retrograde Ejaculation 75 


Male Infertility Profiles

These profile measure a range of biochemical factors, including hormones to determine whether there is an underlying cause in cases of complex infertility.

Fit for Fertility Male

(FBC/ESR, Biochemistry, Zinc, Red Cell Glutathione, Red Cell Folate, Vitamin D, Sexual Health Screen (Urine))
Male Infertility profile

(FSH, LH, Testosterone, Free Androgen Index, Prolactin, SHBG)
Male Infertility profile 2

(FSH, LH, Inhibin B, Testosterone, Prolactin, SHBG & FAI, chromosome Analysis, Y Chromosome Microdeletion (AZFa, b & C), Cystic Fibrosis (33 mutations))
Male Genetic Reproductive Profile

(Chromosome Analysis, Y Chromosome Microdeletion, Cystic Fibrosis (33 mutations))
Male Recurrent Miscarriage Profile

(Sperm DNA Fragmentation (SCSA), Sperm Aneuploidy (FISH), Infection Screen (DL12))




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