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Acupuncture improves fertility & increases conception rates

Acupuncture to boost fertility, increase pregnancy and healthy births is well-researched and highly effective. Thrive’s London clinic is famous for it’s expertise, friendliness and comprehensive approach to helping couples to achieve their goals. We are confident that we can offer you the best possible care and expertise whatever stage you are at. See the bottom of this page for some of our testimonials.

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The evidence that acupuncture is effective for fertility

Acupuncture for infertility been used as a treatment in China for at least the last 1,000 years. Now modern scientific research has shown that acupuncture both increases general fertility, increases the likelihood of natural conception, and also boost the likelihood of IVF success and on-going pregnancy by up to 60%.

Acupuncture is also a highly effective adjunct to other fertility treatments such as IUI and ICSI.


Balancing your hormones to improve fertility

Acupuncture is a very gentle and effective way of treating infertility and gynaecological problems. Problems with fertility are  often caused by hormonal imbalances and sometimes by the usual stresses of life – acupuncture can help to correct both problems. There is a long history of using traditional Chinese acupuncture to improve the effectiveness of the reproductive organs and restoring emotional balance in general.

If you have concerns about acupuncture, you might like to read our recent article that answers the most common reasons people have for NOT having acupuncture.

And you can find out more about what acupuncture is, and how it works.


Male fertility benefits from acupuncture too

We have been successfully treating male fertility for years now. Our clinical results demonstrate that we can improve the quality and the quantity of sperm when applied regularly over a period of weeks. Acupuncture for male infertility at the time of the women’s ovulation has been shown in one study to greatly enhance the sperm’s activity. Other factors such as as reduction in anti-sperm antibodies, testicular blood flow and scrotal temperature can also be affected. Find out more about acupuncture for male fertility problems here.


Acupuncture at Thrive

We are based on Harley Street in central London. Our acupuncturists have decades of experience between them. We practice many different techniques, including the ultra-gentle Japanese style of acupuncture that, while effective, you will barely feel.


Abi Lewis, London

Hey Gerard, thanks a million for all your help. I didn't really believe you when you said you thought I could avoid IVF, but I’m happy to admit that I was wrong! Little Ashley sends his love too :-)

Stephanie Alexander-Jinks, London

"After just a few weeks I have never felt healthier or happier. I wish I had come to you years ago but am glad I have now! Thank you Stefan

Natasha Rothery, Milton Keynes

I suffer with PCOS and had been unable to get pregnant after 3 years of trying, despite being prescribed a variety of western drugs. Gerard was immediately reassuring, he reviewed the tests my hospital had ordered and proposed a course of acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine. Two-and-a-half months later I was pregnant, and last month my beautiful little son was born. Thank you so much Gerard!

Helen Roberts & Andy Nicholls, London

“Dear Stefan - We can’t thank you enough for the unwavering care and commitment you’ve given us in helping us to become a family. We are very happy!”

Kate, London

“I went to see Stefan after a year of trying to get pregnant.  Not only did I feel much more “balanced” having seen him, I had a little girl a year afterwards.  I absolutely believe in what he does – he is a true holistic practitioner, looking at all aspects of the body and treating through various methods.  I cannot recommend him highly enough - go and see him!”