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Male Infertility Treatments to improve sperm quality

Thrive Medical is highly experienced in helping to improve all aspects of sperm & semen quality, including sperm motility, sperm morphology, seminal volume, seminal pH, sperm density / concentration, sperm vitality, semen liquefaction time, and seminal white blood cell count.

We also offer fast & comprehensive sperm and semen testing at a central London location with extensive opening hours, including Saturdays.


Male subfertility & infertility – how big a problem?

Semen quality has declined in some countries, including Britain, in recent decades. This has had a big impact on fertility where it is thought that around 30% of couple infertility is due to male factors alone, 20% to a combination of both female and male factors, and 15% unexplained (note 1). Male infertility is therefore perhaps a factor in 65% of all cases of couple infertility.

A study published in Andrology in 2007 reported a 29% decline in sperm counts in Aberdeen between 1989 and 2002 (a period of just 13 years) (note 2). While both sexes are affected by negative environmental factors, it may be that males are more susceptible than females.


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The taboo of male infertility

Many men would rather crawl over glass with their zip undone than discuss the quantity and quality of their sperm. For example, when the UK parliament held it’s first debate on infertility in 2005, David Davidson, a Conservative MP, was the only man there and even he felt it necessary to mention the fact that he was a father of five.

Things haven’t changed much. Even though it’s possible that more than half of all infertility has a male cause, fertility is usually still seen as a women’s issue.


Confidentiality & discretion are guaranteed

We treat many other conditions in our clinic, so no one but your personal physician will know why you are visiting for treatment.


High success rates improving sperm quality

Whilst western medicine can do very little to improve sperm, Chinese medicine offers hope that a large proportion of men can improve a range of factors including motility, morphology, sperm count, and liquefaction.


Research shows both acupuncture and herbal medicine affect hormone levels and testicular blood flow, which in turn can promote the production of healthy and fertile sperm.

  • Studies have shown that acupuncture can improve the quality and the quantity of sperm when applied regularly over a period of weeks. Acupuncture of the man at the time of the women’s ovulation was shown in one study to greatly enhance the sperm’s activity (note 3).
  • The secretion of key enzymes into the prostate fluid improves liquefaction time, and herbal medicine has been shown to affect this.
  • Herbal medicine may improve the physiological integrity of sperm membranes, and thus improve motility, concentration and survival time.

No needles in your testicles – we promise!

Given how effective acupuncture and herbal medicine can be in improving sperm, I was surprised for a long time that more men didn’t enquire. One man who did come for treatment confessed that he had put it off for ages because he was terrified that we would use acupuncture needles on his private parts. Don’t worry, that is not what we do! Needles, if used, are most likely to be gently inserted into points on your arms and legs. The needles themselves are as thin as a human hair, so man-up and book a consultation to see how we can help.


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Hephzibah Kaplan, Director, London Art Therapy Centre

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