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One size does NOT fit all!

It’s very important to realise that there is no one approach that will help every person that we see towards a successful pregnancy. Everyone was born with a unique genetic inheritance, and has lived a unique life, eating a unique combination of food, encountering unique pathogens, and meeting a unique partner.

Although not all these factors are as important as one another, they add up, and the best clinics will go into significant detail to discover your history, understand your physical type and assess your lifestyle.

We base our treatment plans on a full assessment of these factors. We may sometimes recommend more detailed testing (for example, in areas such as immune-related problems where NHS tests are not available).


The 7 elements of a personalised fertility plan

We wont advise you on areas where you wouldn’t benefit from changes, but a full fertility could consist of the following items:

  1. Nutritional plan to support your fertility health. We can do this for one or both partners.
  2. Recommendations on any further testing that would identify important problems and ensure you follow the right treatment approach. We do not believe in unnecessary testing. Each time you give blood it weakens the body, so we keep this to a minimum. However, if you have an undiagnosed immune problem, you need to know about it.
  3. Recommendation on how to cut unnecessary stress out of your life. Stress is a major cause of fertility problems. Change begins with understanding this and having a strong reason to make changes.
  4. A treatment plan, which may include acupuncture, herbal medicine and supplementation. There is excellent evidence supporting the importance of each of these elements in maximising fertility.
  5. Because some of the tests that you may need are available free through the NHS, we will also help you to request these tests from your GP or hospital specialist.
  6. We will often ask you to fill out a basal body temperature (BBT) chart for a period of time. This is an incredibly precise way of assessing any small imbalances in your menstrual cycle that can cause infertility. We will talk you through what the BBT charts and adjust your treatment plan accordingly.
  7. We will also advise you on the important lifestyle factors that affect your fertility. For example, the best times to have sex, the underwear every prospective father should avoid, and the best forms of exercise as well as what to avoid.

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Some of the hurdles that we can help you overcome

We commonly treat clients who come to us with fertility problems, including: