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Swelling, pain, difficulty in placing pressure on the joint or affected area…

These are signs that the bursa of the affected joint has become irritated or inflamed. The causes may be trauma, or prolonged pressure on the bone, or just from prolonged misuse of the affected limb (see RSI).


Are there any treatments?

From a Western perspective the elbow would need to be checked for bone spurs (which may have contributed to the cause) and whether there is an infection. Once they have been excluded we can train you in movements and arm exercises which are rooted in Eastern Body Movement (Qi Gong) that will help to reduce inflammation.

Acupuncture is also excellent at improving blood flow and reducing inflammation and is often combined with massage of the surrounding area.

What do you need to do now?


Maria, Dalston

“I had suffered from back pain (sciatica) for 8 years on and off. During a particularly painful episode I decided to try acupuncture and i really can’t recommend it enough – I had six treatments with Ross over six months ago and I haven’t experienced any back pain since.”

Cinnamen, Shoreditch

“For years I have suffered neck pain, back pain, migraines and felt constantly tired and drained, but after a few sessions of acupuncture with Ross the migraines have finally stopped, and my day to day working life has become so much easier. I highly recommend Ross as a skilled practitioner. He has been a wonderful support also for the emotional stress that is a result of my years of pain.”

Jan Quinlan, Surrey

Could I please request a bottle of you magical tincture for the bladder. My condition is a 1000x time better but it is just for those occasions when I feel I need a little extra help alleviating any niggling discomfort.


Fixed from physical pain, fixed emotionally, more energy, perspective and the will to get back up and live another day. This may all sound very big but it's what happens... there are other days when I just need a "top up" and that works fantastically too! So what ever you are going through from a bit of tiredness to a life crisis I