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Tim King

posted on 17th June 2016 by Stefan Chmelik

Tim King Portrait

Tim King BA(Hons)/MPhil/PhD Scholar,  one of the founding Members of the Pelvic Health Group, brought the ‘CIONE  Postural Rejuvenation by Tim King’ clinic to Harley Street in 2013.   His consulting rooms are situated within the Harley Street Centre, one of the leading centres for MRI/PEP and CT scanning services and he operates out of this clinic 3 days per week.

Tim King also oversees the original Biomechanics/Human Engineering – 6 day clinic in Loughborough and lectures  at De Montfort University on an Undergraduate and Post Graduate program in Biomechanics.  Indeed Tim wrote and launched the Masters program, in October 2015  and MA program, and now in the process of establishing a Bio-mechanists – Professional Association, for all graduating students from the Post Graduate program.

Tim has got 24 years of involvement in the field of Biomechanics and has pioneered his own unique Methodology to Postural Rejuvenation, utilising ‘state of the art’ CAD/CAM technology (that he developed personally) and continues to evolve through his busy clinics and in partnership with Inescop, Spain (a leading footwear/biomechanics research institute).  The original areas of speciality – and in which he still works to this day – is International Sport, working with many Premiership football and Rugby clubs, in the area of elite performance.  However the CiONE Methodology has also been used successfully within; Pre and Post Natal, Gynaecology, Neurology Parkinson’s, MS, CP, Paediatrics, Fibromyalgia, Osteoarthritis,

To this end the CiONE Postural Rejuvenation clinic – is now seen as one of the leading centres of Bio-mechanical intervention within Pelvic Pain, working daily with Consultant Neurologists, Genealogists  Physiotherapists who specialise in this area of pain management.

Tim’s methodology on postural and pelvic rejuvenation is ground-breaking and his work is based (and was originally founded) literally from the feet upwards – as that is where his expertise and treatments originally began.

It now encompasses life-changing techniques using his ‘Fit Feet, Fit Body & Fit Mind’ ideology – connecting the three cornerstones of his Wellness pyramid and enable deeper pelvic floor routines to recalibrate posture, eradicate postural pain, strengthen and stabilise core – no matter the age or condition of the patient.

These truly amazing results are achieved at CiONE, where Tim heads up the clinical team and pioneers different diagnostic techniques and skeletal rejuvenation programmes all aimed at creating the Perfect Static Stability Point – allowing all clients to perform, live and feel at their best.

His unique BiOCORE programmes, custom stability plates, rebalancing and recalibration techniques have helped and supported thousands of patients over the years across all areas of health and wellness


Contact Tim and his team at CiONE;


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