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Interstitial Cystitis and Chinese Medicine

There are two main kinds of IC in both mainstream and Modern Chinese Medicine, the ulcerating and non-ulcerating kind and the hot and cold type and five different levels. Each type can be quite different, in both symptoms and treatment needed. We use all your diagnostic information to work out which category you fall into.

Interstitial cystitis affects 500,000 people in the UK, who are told that there is no cure for it and that they must live with it. Patients have often been on an exhausting route visiting GPs, urologists and gynaecologists.

For whatever reason, IC does not appear to respond well to mainstream approaches.


Mainstream treatment for IC

Medication (Elmiron etc, antidepressants, aspirin and ibuprofen)

Bladder Distension
May provide 2-6 months of relief in 20-30% of cases

Bladder Instillation
The bladder is filled with a solution that is held for a few seconds to 15 minutes, either as a wash or containing medication.

Surgical Procedures

Sacral neuromodulation has been shown to be effective in controlling symptoms in some people with interstitial cystitis. A device is implanted that allows for electrical impulses to stimulate the nerves in the sacral (lower back) area.

Other surgical procedures that may rarely be performed to treat severe interstitial cystitis include peripheral denervation (disrupting the nerves to the bladder wall), bladder augmentation to increase bladder capacity, and cystectomy (bladder removal) with diversion, or re-routing, of urine flow.



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