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Prepartum Preventative Care

Each stage of a woman’s life brings its own unique physical, emotional and mental challenges. We provide Physiotherapy, Physiolates, Acupuncture, Exercise and Health Advice through all stages.

We are specialised in the treatment of Chronic Pelvic Pain (CPP), Prepartum Preventative Care and Post Natal Rehabilitation.

Physiotherapy and Physiolates is provided by Maria Elliott who is a specialised Chartered Women’s Health, Physiotherapist and Pilates instructor. She has worked extensively in the field of Women’s Health for over 25 years, from Pre-Natal and Post-Natal physiotherapy trained in France, to treating and coaching women with severe Chronic Pelvic Pain. She focuses on helping women achieve health and balance through manual therapy, targeted exercises, meditation and life-style changes. Attention is placed on Hormonal, Thyroid, and Psycho-sexual problems. She works closely with leading Womens Health London Consultants.

Maria launched The Mummy Mot in April 2013 at the We Train Moms Conference with great success.

The Mummy Mot is a post natal 6 week check that tests the muscles of the tummy and pelvic floor .Preformed by a Specialist Women’s Health physiotherapist it is recommended for all women after having a baby. Advice on safe exercises is given as well as the best post natal exercises. Most women after having had a baby have a weakness in either the tummy or pelvic floor which then creates instability and poor core strength.The result causes  back pain, pelvic pain, bladder and bowel weakness .To avoid any long term child birth related complaints  come early and get tummy gap and pelvic floor tested and then start an optimal post natal recovery programme.