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Bevis Nathan Portrait

Bevis Nathan


  • Trauma therapy
  • Somatic Experiencing
  • Osteopathy
  • Chronic pain specialist

Bio Summary

Bevis is one of the most experienced integrated therapists in the UK, with over 37 years in health-care – 30 of them in clinical practice. An educator, osteopath and Somatic Experiencing (SE) practitioner with a special interest in ill-health caused by fatigue, stress and trauma, he has taught widely in England and abroad, and his textbook Touch and Emotion in Manual Therapy is required reading in schools of osteopathic and chiropractic bodywork.

His career was dramatically influenced by his experience in the 2004 tsunami whilst on holiday in Sri Lanka. He and his family were on the beach when the tidal wave arrived and were all engulfed by the sea. But they all miraculously survived, unlike so many thousands of others. He immediately re-trained in traumatology. As a result he has a deep understanding of how the human nervous system deals with stress and threat, and can be made resilient again.
He is a member of the New Medicine Group at the London Medical Centre, and also runs his own clinic in Bath with his partner Christine Jensen, specializing in helping those with chronic pain, psycho-somatic disorders, post-traumatic stress and fatigue syndromes.

He addresses stubborn pelvic pain problems with a combination of Osteopathic bodywork and Somatic Experiencing, using breathing re-training and mindfulness where necessary.

Somatic Experiencing is a biological, non-psychotherapeutic technique for releasing ‘frozen’ or ‘held’ energy in the body that persists as a result of shock, trauma, stress or fatigue. Research shows increasingly clearly that those suffering from persistent pain problems have adapted to early life stresses by ‘over-adrenalising’ their nervous systems. These heightened energy states over-charge body tissues, causing unusually stubborn pain syndromes, sometimes as part of a complex trauma picture.

For an appointment call his secretary, Fay, on 01225 311112.

Bevis Nathan on pelvic pain