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Stefan Chmelik Portrait

Stefan Chmelik

MSc MRCHM MBAcC LicOHM DipAc DipCHM (Dermatology) ClinAc (Nanjing) CST I/II

  • Acupuncture & Herbs
  • Integrated healthcare expert
  • Food alchemist
  • Fascia & Bodyworker

Stefan Chmelik:

  • Combining traditional wisdom with leading edge science
  • A best selling author
  • The UK’s leading TCM expert
  • Has a special interest in the discovery of fascia as a sensory organ
  • Masters level researcher in herbal toxicology
  • The Wise Cook

Special interests

A life in healthcare

I picked up an ancient copy of Culpepper’s Herbal and made my first herbal remedy age 7; I started cooking when I was 9 and began my life-long journey into meditation at the age of 12.

My purpose is to help people find their way towards the fullest possible health and contentment, through individualised programmes of focused support, nourishment and mentoring.

Brought up on natural healthcare since birth, my life has been dedicated to understanding health and self-healing through natural medicine and food. Holistic healthcare is in my bones and for the last 25 years I have devoted my energy to developing a new model of healthcare for the 21 century, something which combines the person-centred wisdom of traditional medicine systems alongside the amazing discoveries of modern scientific medicine.

I am one of only a handful of physicians who is knowledgeable about both traditional and modern medicine, with experience as an integrated medical gatekeeper and integrated diagnostic physician, through my work as Founder of New Medicine Group, the UK’s only integrated healthcare team.

This means I am uniquely experienced to see you as a whole-person and not just a disease or symptom and to collaborate with you to devise a treatment plan for chronic conditions using the medical options available out there, focusing on the natural and gentle but utilising mainstream where evidence shows that is best.

Now we can use advances in diagnostic and testing technology as well as the latest research to inform how we practice as never before possible. This is like taking the combined wisdom and experience of the past masters of Chinese traditional medicine and sitting them down next to Einstein, Watson and Crick: the best of all world’s.


Medical Referral

I work closely with some of the country’s best laboratories and consultants, and will refer any patient I feel is beyond the limits of my speciality, or I will suggest an integrated approach using both conventional and complementary medicine from resources within and outside of the Thrive-New Medicine Group team.


How I work

I combine acupuncture, herbal medicine, manual therapy (Bodywork, fascial release), food therapy and breathing and Mindfulness Meditation.



  • Founder, New Medicine Group, Harley Street, London
  • Founder, Thrive Health
  • Founder, Zen Now UK
  • Founder, Pelvic People
  • Author of the best selling patient guide to Chinese Medicine
  • Traditional food and eating expert and advocate
  • Herbal formula researcher and R&D consultant
  • Senior Lecturer in UK and abroad
  • Founder of the UK's first Masters programme for Chinese herbal medicine
  • Winner, Restaurant in Your Living Room 2010
  • Winner, Business Plan of the Year Award 2003, Business Link for London
  • Past-President, the Register of Chinese Herbal Medicine
  • Expert medico-legal witness


Publications / Media

  • The Wise Cook – in production
  • Chapter author, Multidisciplinary Management of Migraine, Jones & Barltlett
  • Chapter author, Palpation and Assessment Skills, Elsevier
  • Author, Chinese Herbal Secrets
  • Winner, TV cooking competition using Chinese Medicine as food
  • Has been featured in The Times, Daily Mail, Daily Express, The Diplomat, RCHM Journal, Lifescape, Dragons Tale, Lifestyle magazine, Positive Health, Journal of Chinese Medicine
  • Has appeared on Richard and Judy, The Big Breakfast, Breakfast TV and the BBC Radio and World Service.

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