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Dietary Therapy

Food, Cooking and Diet


Stefan Chmelik

I have been cooking for far more of my life than not, and for the last few years I have kept a almost completely traditional kitchen, free from modern processed foods and full of home-made butter, home-cured bacon, garden vegetables and fruit.

There is a saying “food and medicine are the same thing, food just tastes better”, and this nicely reflects my I combined influences, including Oriental food wisdom, Weston A Price, Francis M Pottenger, Michael Pollan, August Escoffier and the collective practical experience of countless generations of mothers and grandmothers everywhere.

I have the taste equivalent of perfect pitch, that is, I know what a combination of different flavours will taste like before I taste it. That gives me the confidence to free pour ingredients without measuring, invent dishes and break recipes, most of the time with good results!

Food-wise, my mission is to help people back to traditional eating and to find their way through the mass of conflicting and confusing diet information. ‘Traditional eating’ means eating and cooking in ways that human beings have been doing for most of our time on this planet, rather than how things have developed over the last 50 years or so. Many people are genuinely shocked when they find out how different these two things are, and how little of what they are eating can lay a real claim to the term ‘food’.


What do you need to do now?:


Special food programmes and services


Cooking to Conceive (£300)

With there now being so much concern over the long-term impact of IVF and ICSI on mother and baby, we believe we can offer new hope, either avoiding IVF altogether or reducing the harmful impact whilst significantly increasing the actual success rate.

Part of our commitment to this is reflected in my deep passion for the use of real food before, during and after pregnancy, just as has been practiced by traditional cultures around the world for thousands of years.

The use of ‘Sacred Foods’ significantly increases not only fertility rates, but leads to a healthier and happier mother and baby. Births are generally easier, growth and development is better and breastfeeding more complete.

In this course I spend 2 hours with you going over these sacred foods in detail, and working out what you need to emphasise based on your own unique profile and diagnosis.


The Home Cooking Course (£1400)

You get one day with me going over what you need to eat and why and taking you through a cupboard and fridge ‘detox’, explaining why you most likely have lots of stuff in your kitchen that is shortening your life! We cook lunch together and work out some meal and menu plans that will fit into you or your family’s lifestyle.

Then professional chef Alex Brown of The Supper Club spends a day with you giving you practical tips and training in stuff like knife skills, meal planning, how to create meals from any ingredients and how to ignores recipes if you want to.


The Four Essential Food Things (£800)

I spend a day with you at home taking you through the ideas behind why these are the four most important things you need to know about food and eating. We then go through each of them in detail one by one, with you learning all the practical information you will need to continue afterwards. We cook lunch together and work out some meal and menu plans that will fit into you or your family’s lifestyle. Lots of fun and practical hands-on experience guaranteed.


You will learn about:

  • Raw dairy
  • Real meat
  • Cultured foods
  • Making Real Stock


What do you need to do now?: