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Control Pause test

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This Control Pause (CP) test is a way of measuring how your are breathing and how well your body is able to respond to stress or change. The test is done after normal or usual exhalation and only until the first signs of stress or discomfort. Do to hold your breathing beyond the first signs of needing to breathe.

Start by sitting down and resting for a few minutes, allowing yourself to  relax. You will notice that a more natural breathing happens and that spontaneous relaxed exhalations occurs. When this out-breath happens, pinch the end of your nose gently and start to count, noting how long it is until you experience the first desire to breathe in again, and this will be together with an involuntary push of the diaphragm or swallowing movement in the throat. If you release the nose and start breathing at this time, you should be able to resume breathing as you were before pinching your nose, i.e. relaxed and without effort.

If you need to gasp for air or feel short of breath at all, then you have held your breath for too long. The test should be easy and not stressful.


Control Pause Test results:

Over 60 seconds – ideal health

30-50 seconds – moderate to good health

20 seconds or less – poor health


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