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General anxiety and Free-floating anxiety

The modern world is basically a very stressful and anxiety provoking place to live. In the last fifty years the world has changed more than in the previous five hundred, and by no means all for the better.

Financial stress, lack of community and family, poor work-rest balance, information overload all push us further and further to the edge and create an atmosphere of threat.


You and your lizard

At the base of your skull you have a primitive brain left over from our early reptilian origins and before we evolved mammal and primate brains on top. This brains job is to assess threat and help you avoid harm. It does this by constantly scanning your environment, and is doing so even when you aren’t aware of it.

Which is a good thing if you absent mindedly step off the curb and need a shot of adrenalin to enable you to jump out of the way of a bus, but not helpful at all if you are simply tired, overstretched and feeling put upon, which your primal brain can easily interpret as ‘threat’.

Perceived threat in the absence of an actual direct attack is anxiety provoking: your body is primed for action by adrenalin but there is no tiger to actually run away from.


Ok so how do I control my lizard?

It’s not complex, but it can take time to ‘downregulate’ adrenal and other responses to a normal level, if your threat response is turned up high. We achieve this for you by simultaneously increasing your resilience to stress (your capacity to cope with it) and at the same time giving you stress reducing techniques that will decrease your reaction to stress.

This involves making sure you have the right diet and nutrients, using relaxation and Mindfulness exercises to unwind, breathing techniques to reduce muscle tension. Acupuncture has a proven and instant effect on inducing the relaxation response and herbal medicine can be as effective as pharmaceutical drugs in reducing anxiety and promoting sleep.


What do you need to do now?:


Pam Hardyment, London

“I have had a brilliant Christmas and (usually for me) SAD season, whatever you did, I felt upbeat, fought off flu’s, and have had the best Christmas ever, with positive vibes and all good things, and I think I have to thank you, for what you did. Will see you late January for a booster!”

Vena Ramphal, London

I really liked how we started with the work on nutrition and my relationship with food.  This physical work acted as a safety net for the energetic emotional shifts that the breath and body work brought on. They were quite full on!

Isabel, Muswell Hill

“Ross is  a highly skilled, warm and empathetic practitioner of acupuncture and his treatment has helped me with a range of issues including stress and musculoskeletal problems”

Alex Brown, London

“The best way I can describe what Stefan does is to say that there are times when I have gone to see him feeling like I'm "broken" due to stress, over work, the death of my brother and other life experiences that have been hard to deal with. And in a simple sentence I leave feeling "fixed". Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative“