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The Nijmegen Questionnaire

Am I Hyperventilating?

A number of complaints are listed below that may possibly apply to you. For each symptom please select the option that matches whether the symptom applies to you over the last few days or weeks.

Rarely = (Less than once a week)
Sometimes = (2-3 times a week)
Often = (Daily)
Very Often = (Several times a day)
1. Sharp pain in the chest
2. Tension
3. Blurred, hazy vision
4. Dizziness
5. Confusion or a sense of loosing normal contact with surroundings
6. More rapid or deep breathing
7. Shortness of breath, difficulty breathing
8. Tightness in the chest
9. Bloated abdomen
10. Tingling of fingers
11. Unable to breathe deeply
12. Stiffness of fingers or arms
13. Stiffness around the mouth
14. Cold hands or feet
15. Heart palpitations (fast irregular heartbeat)
16. Feelings of anxiety
Scoring – give each answer a score from 0-4:
Never = 0
Rarely = 1
Sometimes = 2
Often = 3
Very Often = 4

A total score of 23 or above is indicative of a hyperventilation diagnosis, the higher the number the more marked the hyperventilation.