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Pompholyx eczema (palm/sole)

The itch you can’t scratch

Also called Dyshidrotic eczema, Dishydrosis, this common and distressing condition has been recognised and treated successfully with Chinese Medicine since the Ming dynasty. Pompholyx eczema is characterised by very itchy blisters that burst and then peel, on the hands and occasionally the feet. This pattern keeps repeating and is described as feeling like ‘an ant’s nest under the skin’. after some time, the skin becomes dry and damages and sensitive to normal daily activities. This problem is nearly always on both sides, and if on one hand only then fungal infection should be ruled out.


Proven therapies and successful strategies

Herbal medicine is very successful in treating this condition and is often combined with stress reduction treatments like acupuncture or breathing to improve results. Depending on which of the three types of Pompholyx eczema you are experiencing, diet and food may also be a very important subject:

What do you need to do now?:


Pam Hardyment, London

“I have had a brilliant Christmas and (usually for me) SAD season, whatever you did, I felt upbeat, fought off flu’s, and have had the best Christmas ever, with positive vibes and all good things, and I think I have to thank you, for what you did. Will see you late January for a booster!”

Vena Ramphal, London

I really liked how we started with the work on nutrition and my relationship with food.  This physical work acted as a safety net for the energetic emotional shifts that the breath and body work brought on. They were quite full on!

Isabel, Muswell Hill

“Ross is  a highly skilled, warm and empathetic practitioner of acupuncture and his treatment has helped me with a range of issues including stress and musculoskeletal problems”

Alex Brown, London

“The best way I can describe what Stefan does is to say that there are times when I have gone to see him feeling like I'm "broken" due to stress, over work, the death of my brother and other life experiences that have been hard to deal with. And in a simple sentence I leave feeling "fixed". Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative“