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Digestive problems

It is probably true that the majority of common digestive problems are caused or made worse by feeling stressed.


IBS, pain and bloating

In England 10-20% of people have IBS at some time in their lives, and twice as many women get it as men. About half of people with IBS can relate the start of symptoms to a stressful event in their life. Symptoms tend to become worse during times of stress or anxiety (1) and stress has been clearly shown to make IBS symptoms worse (2).


Indigestion, reflux and ulcers

Stress causes negative changes to stomach acid levels and muscle spasm that can lead to the acidic gas going the wrong way. This kind of disruption affects the pH and bacterial balance of the digestive system, making ulcers more likely.


Constipation and diarrhoea

Feelings of stress will change how you breath, leading to a reduction in CO2 and then constriction of the muscles around the intestines. This can lead to constipation, and when the muscle spasm reduces, loose bowels will often follow.


Crohn’s disease and Colitis

It is now well established that stress is a factor in IBD and equally that reducing stress levels can decrease relapses and lead to long-term remission (3).


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Pam Hardyment, London

“I have had a brilliant Christmas and (usually for me) SAD season, whatever you did, I felt upbeat, fought off flu’s, and have had the best Christmas ever, with positive vibes and all good things, and I think I have to thank you, for what you did. Will see you late January for a booster!”

Vena Ramphal, London

I really liked how we started with the work on nutrition and my relationship with food.  This physical work acted as a safety net for the energetic emotional shifts that the breath and body work brought on. They were quite full on!

Isabel, Muswell Hill

“Ross is  a highly skilled, warm and empathetic practitioner of acupuncture and his treatment has helped me with a range of issues including stress and musculoskeletal problems”

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“The best way I can describe what Stefan does is to say that there are times when I have gone to see him feeling like I'm "broken" due to stress, over work, the death of my brother and other life experiences that have been hard to deal with. And in a simple sentence I leave feeling "fixed". Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative“